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Amirkhiz Plast Co. started in 2001 in purpose of producing high quality plastic recycling materials such as HDPE, PP, PS, PE ,… plastic milled and pellets in a 3000 square meter area production facilities in west of Tehran, Iran.


With near two decades experience and association of our fully experts’ team, utilization with up to dated technologies, professional processing line: ((milling, automatic washing machine, centrifugal system, granule making machine)) made us one of top Iranian plastic recycling companies.



amirkhiz plast plastic recycling company mission and vision


Amirkhiz Plast Co.
manufacturing high quality HDPE, PP, PE, PS and other industrial milled and granule pellets plastic recycling materials with employing up to dated technologies, experts and resources for satisfying customers in Iran and MEAT and Asia regions, decreasing malicious reasons of plastics in environment, helping for a green world and development recycling knowledge.




Being one of three top Iranian plastic recycling companies.



-    30% yearly business growth
-    Adding one new foreigner customer yearly
-    Continues research and development.
-    NGO program for educating people about recycling plastic and its profits for environment.

amirkhiz plast export to many countries plastic recycling granules

Our customers:
Hundreds customer in all around Iran and export to: China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.





 Contact us:

Head Office: No.22,1725 Rumi Bridge Complex,Above Saba Blvd,Shariati St,Tehran,Iran.


TeleFax: +98 - 21 - 26 42 56 36


Cell: +98 - 912 - 367 67 84

        +98 - 938 - 404 14 11






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